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Faces of Success Radio and TV Celebrates Black Excellence with Star-Studded Event in LA

Woodland Hills, California - Faces of Success Radio and TV, a prominent media and news company, hosted a groundbreaking event in LA, California, on February 25th, to honor Black excellence in celebration of Black History Month.

The event, spearheaded by Dr. Moshe Williams, aimed to bring awareness and unity to communities, showcasing a lineup of esteemed celebrities and performers.

The star-studded affair featured renowned personalities such as Kathleen Bradley, Victor Orlando, Rocky Carroll, Ro Brooks, Buddy Sampson, Ron G, saxophonist, Tasmallz, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, also Felton Pilate from ConFunkShun was present with his wife Jennifer Pilate, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Committee and President & COO Felstar Music and a captivating live performance by Klymaxx featuring Cheryl Cooley.

The event, which was a live taping for the podcast "Unscripted," highlighted Black excellence in TV and film.

Faces of Success Radio, including radio host Pearl J, played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of the event, with their presence felt throughout the crowd. The company's dedication to showcasing Black excellence was evident in their comprehensive coverage through photos and videos.

This event served as a testament to Faces of Success Radio’scommitment to promoting diversity, unity, and excellence within the entertainment industry.

For more information about Faces of Success Radio and TV and their initiatives, please contact:

Pearl Johnson


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