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Faces of Success Radio Shines Spotlight on 2024 NAACP IMAGE AWARDS in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California - Faces of Success Radio, hosted by Pearl J, is thrilled to announce its coverage of the esteemed 2024 NAACP IMAGE AWARDS weekend in Los Angeles. The event featured a live taping podcast celebrating the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS nominees, hosted by Dr. Moshe Lewis and Co-host Kathleen Bradley.

The star-studded event included exclusive interviews with renowned celebrities such as Siedah Garrett, Paul Jackson Jr, and Mikki Howard. Attendees were treated to a captivating live performance by Shilo, a moving documentary presentation “Who Killed My Momma,” and a heartfelt duo performance by Tasmallz and his talented son T Cart.

There were other Notable entertainers and actors like Ro Brooks graced the event, adding to the glamour of the evening.

The theme of the event, "Music and Medicine," was expertly explored by Dr. Moshe Lewis and Kathleen Bradley, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of these two worlds.

Dr. Moshe Lewis, a distinguished Ivy League-trained psychiatrist and former VP of Operations at NASA, spearheaded the event, blending entertainment with insightful discussions.

Kathleen Bradley, known for her role as a "Barker's Beauty" on The Price Is Right, brought her charisma to the event, enriching the experience for all attendees.

Pearl J, the personality and radio host of Faces of Success Radio and TV, was honored to cover this impactful event.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the podcast on Music and Medicine by visiting [Music and Medicine](

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