Rodney Earl Bland 'AKA' Sunny Blue Bland in Sacramento, California. Raised and went to school mostly in California, Began traveling with the only man to be known as his father, Bobby Blue Bland. Graduated valedictorian at Sacramento High School in 1981. Also President of the youth, and college chapter of the NAACP.


Entertainment has always been a part of Rodney Earl Bland 'AKA' Sunny Blue Bland life, from acting, singing and music promotion. At the mature age, the calling to sing the blues is something he has always wanted to pursue, and now at Rodney Earl Bland 'AKA' Sunny Blue Bland felt compelled to do so with the loss of so many great icons, such as Johnny Taylor, Johnny Guitar Watson, Albert King, and numerous others not mentioned, but not forgotten.


Sunny's passion for the blues is manifested from episodes of love ones lost and the real life experiences of pain and sorrow he has experienced. Rodney Earl Bland 'AKA' Sunny Blue Bland is known for his chilling stage presence and sold out performances internationally. His number one influence of the blues is his father, the great Bobby Blue Bland, also O.V Wright, Johnny Taylor and the mighty Joe Hicks.


Sunny Blue Bland has had the honors in performing at “Hard Rock Café”, “Silver Legacy”, and “Reno’s Blues Festival” after party, “Zokku’s Club & Sushi Bar”, “California State Fair” "Cal Neva Hotel & Casino" "Black Expo" "Blues Festival Hosted by the NAACP" and more. And Sunny Blue Bland has had the pleasure with performing with “A J Jamal” Fillmore Slim, E-40, Dennis Gaxiola, Suga T, Bobby Webb and for Kevin Johnson for Mayor of Sacramento fundraiser, Sunny Blue Bland has touched many hearts young and old with his warm voice and stunning stage appearances,


Sunny Blue Bland’s vision is to keep the blues alive following his fathers footsteps “Bobby Blue Bland” by bringing you the best of the blues to you. Sunny Blue Bland is currently under Faces of Success Management. Sunny Blue Bland is also his own promotional company Blow- U –Up Promotions” that has been very successful since 1999.



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