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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975F DS Firmware




How do I unlock the device? The use of many units is highly unlikely unless in the case of an emergency, when the device cannot be locked by the owner, or for a security check by the police. If your device is locked you can sign in with your Google Account to gain access to it. If the device is locked, check to see if it's in a hot or cold boot. If it's in a cold boot, you'll need to warm up the phone first before it will be able to unlock. The device must be left on for at least two minutes to warm up. While your phone is locked, press and hold Volume Down and then press the Power Button. If you hold Volume Down and press the Power Button, you should see a message on the screen saying that you have successfully unlocked your phone. If you have successfully unlocked the phone, you will now be able to log in with your Google Account or with an alternate account (See below). If you see the incorrect message saying that you haven't successfully unlocked the device, the phone will be locked, and the only way to unlock it will be to physically press the power button. If you continue to hold down the power button, the phone will shut down and you will have to re-enter your PIN or password. If the device was previously locked and your PIN or password was incorrect, you will be prompted to enter your PIN or password a second time. If the device was already unlocked, the message will not be displayed and you will not be prompted to enter your PIN or password. If you enter the incorrect PIN or password, your phone will be locked again. If you wish to disable this feature, you will need to log out of your Google account or login to a new account. After logging out, the phone will be reset and will no longer allow the use of alternate account logins. If you decide to enable the "cold boot" function, you can press the power button to resume the device, sign in to your account, and the device will remain locked. Pressing the power button again will have no effect. If you want to resume the phone, and the phone is locked, press the power button and the "cold boot" function will not be activated, and the phone will remain locked. If the phone is unlocked, and the "cold boot" function has been activated, the phone will be returned




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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975F DS Firmware

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