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Somalie Inez, Exclusive Interview

Faces of Success Radio is thrilled to present Somalie Inez, an accomplished author, producer, manager, booking agent.

Somalie Inez, a prolific multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry, is an author, screenwriter, director, producer, actor, voiceover artist, and event host. Following the footsteps of her dad/uncle Maxx Kidd owner of 😭.E.D. Records and collaborated with Capital EMI Records. As her Uncle Michael Kidd was also influential in her life as he was the Vice President of RCA records /Atlantic records.

Inez is the creative force behind the upcoming feature film "BROKEN SONGS" and the documentary series "Tell Your Story."

As an entrepreneur, empowerment speaker, community activist, and humanitarian, Inez founded Inez Productions and Point Of Love Foundation, dedicated to inspiring and empowering at-risk children and women globally. She serves as a Co-Host on The World Wide Show which is in Kevin Nash accelerated radio WWUR platform. Her vision is to host her own talk show to heal hearts one person at a time.

Inez is also a travel enthusiast, owns her travel agency, since 1999. Owens Travel, Inez launched the urban athletic clothing brand, 103 Street, in 2020, and a Cannabis, CBD, Hemp brand Dragonfly Limited

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