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Music and Medicine

Faces of Success Radio Shines Spotlight on Heartwarming Event at "Music and Medicine" Set Conoga Park, California - Faces of Success Radio, represented by celebrity host Pearl J, recently captured the essence of a heartwarming event at Dream Magic studios on the set of "Music and Medicine.

“Dr. Moshe Lewis, a leading figure at the intersection of music and medicine, along with co-host Kathleen Bradley, orchestrated a memorable gathering on May 25, 2024. The event was a tapestry of nostalgic reunions, insightful interviews, and inspiring discussions, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

A standout moment was the highly anticipated reunion of Garrett Morris and Ellia English, renowned for their roles on "The Jamie Foxx Show." Their on-screen chemistry and shared memories delighted fans and cast members, showcasing the enduring bonds forged during their time on the beloved sitcom. Distinguished guests such as Angela White (Blac Chyna), Britt Banks, and Zeola Gaye enriched the event with their captivating stories and perspectives.

Blac Chyna shared her journey of self-discovery and faith, while Britt Banks provided insights into her upcoming project with Top Dawg Entertainment. Zeola Gaye paid tribute to her brother Marvin Gaye's legacy with poignant memories and discussions surrounding her book, "My Brother Marvin.

" The event served as a celebration of friendship, talent, and meaningful connections, leaving attendees inspired and eager for future endeavors in the industry.

For more information and to catch glimpses of the event, please visit:

Contact: Pearl J Faces of Success Radio

Phone: (877) 499-4999

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